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Find out whether your business needs Austin SEO or PPC or SMO

You’ve brought your Austin business online. Well, what next? You need to implement an internet marketing strategy either to boost your traffic or promoting your brand or engaging audience to your business. For all these aspects, there are a number of internet marketing strategies in place for Austin TX companies. As each strategy has positives and negatives, you need to figure out which technique works best for your business, which itself makes a big difference between success and failure n the online world.

Well, Austin search engine optimization (SEO), Pay per click (PPC) and social media optimization (SMO) are the three popular internet marketing strategies that are essential for every online business. As all these strategies sound alike, most people are confused with what marketing strategy they need to go for? The answer to this question relies on the type of your business you own and short and long terms goals of your business.

To make your decision process easy, here we try to explain the difference between these online marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a famous internet market strategy that helps to propel your website to the top slot of the search engine result pages in the major search engines. Austin SEO is a process of utilizing specific strategies like link building, website optimization, high-quality content and social media to gain highest ranking in search engines. SEO is the most important strategy for online businesses, which needs consistent and long-term results. By proper implementation of SEO tactics, one can rank their website for the keywords they want and can get a continuous flow of traffic without having to pay anything. If you wish to be in the market for the long-run, then you need to go for SEO.

Pay Per Click

On the other hand, if your business needs immediate results or lots of traffic for short period, then pay-per-click is the best internet marketing strategy for you. Pay-per-click is the process of buying ads on most searchable websites with the idea of gaining traffic to your website. In pay per click, an advertiser places a bid on selected keywords and if someone searches for those keywords, the search engines or websites displays the ads on the page. The results of PPC will appear under sponsored ads or sponsored links on results page. The position of the ads depends on how much someone pays for a keyword. PPC campaigns are best suited for businesses, with an intention to make short-term sales or limited time promotions. Also, PPC campaign helps a lot for new websites in getting lots of exposure. With the help of PPC, a small business can gain the ability to outbid larger businesses for keywords, which helps to gain an edge over others.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is the process of building online exposure through various social media channels like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, online communities, RSS feeds, social news buttons, etc. With more than 750 million users engaged in facebook and twitter, businesses are using these channels to build their brand in the industry. Also, social media optimization can be considered as a wonderful platform for businesses to interact with clients. In simplistic terms, we can define SMO is a way to augment the work done by PPC and SEO.

So, depending on the type and life cycle of your business, you need to opt a right online marketing strategy to maximize the benefits.

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